Upside down man cropped re-sized"Unless you make what is right, left, and what is left, right, what is above into what is below, and what is behind into what is in front, you will not learn to know the Kingdom" (Acts of Peter)

The "living upside down" prayer

Things are topsy-turvy in your kingdom, God.
The poor bear gifts of great worth,
the dead rise,
the meek inherit the earth.
Teach us how to live in an upside down world
where we are called to
welcome the outcast,
prepare a feast for the ragged,
and forgive those who offend us.

(Revd Andrew Letby)

Living Upside Down 1 40 days of Advent COVER X50

Living Upside Down 1: the 40 days of Old Advent is especially appropriate for the season of Advent. It is inspired by the teachings of Martin of Tours, a fourth century saint with a dramatic story: he was a soldier, a monk, a missionary and a bishop. This free download is a series of four sessions that will tell you more about the life of Martin and the invitation of Jesus to live life upside down.Download the PDF

 Living Upside Down 2 Old Christmas COVER X50

Living Upside Down 2: the 40 days of Old Christmas takes us into the period after Christmas: the perfect start to your new year if you're thinking of revolutionising your life. Download the PDF

 Living Upside Down 3 Lent COVER X50 Living Upside Down 3: the 40 days of Lent reflects on four challenging passages in the Bible - and the gospel response to them. These “hard words” from both Old and New Testaments addressattitudes or declarations that we may wish hadn’t been included in the Bible in the first place. In the light of the radical obedience that Jesus demands of us, how do we respond to the challenges that these passages lay down? Download the PDF
thessalonians Living Upside Down 4: Living Thessalonians. Download the PDF
Living Upside Down 5 Plygain COVER 3-6-15 X50 Living Upside Down 5: the plygain tradition offers four carols from the Welsh Christmas tradition of early morning prayer and carol singing that takes place before sunrise on Christmas morning. Together, they take us on a journey that explores the Advent theme of waiting. Who and what are we waiting for, and how shall we respond? Download the PDF
sanctuary Living Upside Down 6: Sanctuary. Download the PDF
 flower  Living Upside Down 8: God in All Spaces. Download the PDF
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