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We believe that no-one should have to travel alone - and for over 200 years, Methodists have explored the idea of meeting in small groups as a great way to develop and explore what God is calling you to do to make the world a more just and fair place.

Groups come in all shapes and sizes. Different people prefer different formats, from small to large, from structured to informal.

How we meet and what our groups look like will vary. And not everyone will wish to meet in a group all the time.

Whether you are attracted to a structured Bible study group or to meeting less formally in pairs or threesomes in a coffee shop to talk through issues of faith, here you will find some ideas and resources. Introduce them to an existing group or start a new one!

MeetPrayLove is about supporting you in being all you can be.

Top Tips

  • Stay safe.
 Only meet in a place you feel and know to be safe. Try a coffee shop or public space in a local library.

  • If you feel uncomfortable at any point, leave the meeting. Watch our video on small groups.
MeetPrayLove inspired by John Wesley’s Methodist movement; funded by the Methodist Church.