DSC 4223In our experience over the past 200 years of the Methodist movement we have found that meeting in small groups is a great way to support each other on our individual journeys of faith. We believe no-one should have to travel alone.

We are aware that forming a small group for the first time can be a bit daunting. To offer you support we have produced three short films under the title Journeying Together to help you think through the ‘How and Why of Small Groups’.

Part 1: The Strength of being Small

Part 2: Growing for Sharing

Part 3: Making Faith Active

You can also send for a free DVD by emailing or download from the Methodist website.  

We believe that, with support, anyone can form and lead a small group in an engaging and fruitful way, and we are convinced that what comes out of your discussions will be life changing.

MeetPrayLove groups come in all sizes and shapes from established bible study groups connected with formal churches to pairs or threesomes who meet in a coffee shop to talk through issues of faith. All are welcome.


MeetPrayLove inspired by John Wesley’s Methodist movement; funded by the Methodist Church.