Apostles 2Two initiatives to help groups think about being active in the world are Cell UK and the Inspire Network.


Cell UK logoCell UK

Cell UK exists to promote and encourage the development of holistic small group/cell group churches.
It promotes discipleship and people power, "empowering people to be salt and light in their every day lives to be missional in the relationships God has given them".

"If we are in a group where we also love our lost world, both relationally and institutionally, where Christians are empowered to be missional and make a difference, this is a cell..."

Cell UK publish resources, has its own website and runs courses.

It's all about participation. "It is every member in ministry. We believe that leaders are still very important but... God’s vision is to release his body... every Christian is a hero and every Christian can be a full-time Christian worker. Every one of us empowered to love God, to love one another and to love a lost world."

Inspire logoInspire Network

Inspire Network is "an ecumenical network that is intentionally seeking to recover some distinctive Wesleyan practices of discipleship: such as accountability to a missional way of life, meeting in intentionally small groups (bands) for mutual support, and networking with others for resourcing and training".

Inspire was launched in 2009, with the goal of developing mission-shaped discipleship in the leadership and life of the Church.

Read more about small groups and other ways to develop them on the Methodist Church website.

MeetPrayLove inspired by John Wesley’s Methodist movement; funded by the Methodist Church.