cushtilogosmall2 copyCushtiplanet grew out of the Methodist Church's engagement with the Solas arts festival in 2013.

We are trying to build a community to help and encourage people to work towards a better world. So, we set up our "vault" of photos and thoughts... Why not browse through them and add your own?

Think of things you do that make the world a better place – more just; more peaceful; more caring. What helps and encourages you to keep doing these things, especially when things get hard?

Inspire us with your thoughts about what that community should be like by sharing what keeps you going. Decorate a cushion (as many did at that first Solas event), write a poem, draw us a picture, upload a photo, write some thoughts,  link us to a video piece or add your ideas. It will be lovely to hear from you.

MeetPrayLove inspired by John Wesley’s Methodist movement; funded by the Methodist Church.