"don't just sit there - do something"

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"We’ve never been more informed of what’s going on in the world. We have 24/7 news on TV and radio and can follow it online anytime, anywhere.

It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed, out of our depth, confused and bewildered. What possible response can one person make that will have any real impact?

The truth is that suffering comes into our own lives too. Yet, somehow, we also have the impetus and the desire to reach out: to stretch beyond our own little part of the world and into someone else’s.
And who’s to say if the difference we make is significant or not? Like any insurmountable task, we can follow Mother Teresa’s counsel and ‘do small things with great love’.

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. God is not served by our fretting and feeling powerless.

God is served when we seek to do what we can with love, when we refuse to give up hope, refuse to allow our sense of possibility to be pushed around and put down."

(from Living Upside Down: Breaking Out by Edel McClean. Read more about our Living Upside Down resources.)

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