Message in a bottleThings are topsy-turvy in your dream for 
us and your world, God.
The poor bear gifts of great worth,

the dead rise,
the meek inherit the earth.
Teach us how to live in an
upside down world,
where we are called to
 welcome the outcast,

prepare a feast for the ragged,
forgive those who offend us.


(a prayer by the Revd Andrew Letby, taken from our Living Upside Down booklets)

In our experience, prayer lies at the heart of our meeting together – though it can take many forms.

It's about finding a connection with God in whatever ways we can find – through words or music, art or silence, lighting candles, walking the hills or running a 10k.

We hope to pray purposefully and authentically, as part of the task of seeking support on our spiritual journeys.

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