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  Newsletter 03 August 2021  

Hello Visitor,

Welcome to the first MeetPrayLove newsletter which will be e-mailed on a monthly basis.  

I will be editing this newsletter from my home in the Highlands of Scotland - a place strong in community but which can feel a long way from high profile events and ‘where it’s all happening.’   Perhaps this goes someway to explain my passion and commitment to small groups.   They can work anywhere.   Wherever you live – whether it’s bang in the middle of a city or on a sheep filled hillside.  MeetPrayLove is a network for all of us who find meeting in small groups a helpful way of exploring the Christian faith. 

MeetPrayLove holds the idea of ‘togetherness’ as important.  We believe none of us should have to travel life’s journey alone and that it is helpful to get together with other people to share things that matter to us.   
MeetPrayLove is based in Scotland – however we welcome friends from around the world. I hope if you are reading this from somewhere other than Scotland that we can find points of connection.    .   


One of the great things about small groups is that they cost nothing to set up and run.    You can meet anywhere from a coffee shop to a friend’s kitchen.   All that’s needed is a safe space and a willingness to share openly and honestly.  We are developing the website to enable groups to register and share information on their group – where and when  you meet and what you do when you’re together.  We hope to have this up and running by the end of May.   


There are many excellent resources available to help stimulate your discussions – or maybe you will develop your own.    We will use this monthly newsletter to  highlight any resources we think are particularly useful.  Please see this month’s ideas below and send us your recommendations.


We believe that as a result of your small group discussions you will feel called to contribute to the gospel call to social justice  and peace.  We have no idea what this might be for you.   It may be work in your local community or on a wider stage.    On the website we will feature links to organisations committed to social justice and peace.  We hope this will offer you inspiration.  Again please share links with us about what ‘love’ means to the people in your small group.

We hope you will welcome and enjoy this newsletter however if you would like to opt out click the unsubscribe button below.

With all best wishes

Sally Robertson
MeetPrayLove Editor
MeetPrayLove is part of the Methodist Church and is open to all.


New Small Group Resources

Living Upside Down  - Part 3

The Forty days of Lent is now available either for download or in printed form.   These four study sessions focus on challenging passages in the Bible and the gospel response to them as a way of focusing on what it means to be a radical disciple of Jesus.  Printed copies of the resource are  available free of charge.    Order from the Methodist  Church office 01786 820295 

(Parts 1 and Part 2 of Living Upside Down are also available.)


Lent Food,  A Cookbook for Lent

The Scottish Episcopal Church and Christian Aid have come together to launch a brand new cookbook for Lent 2014, bringing ‘food for thought’ from around the world to churches and families in Scotland. 

Lent Course Parables and Possessions  

The Lent course from Churches Together in Britain and Ireland can be found on-line at    Called ‘Parables and Possessions’ it focuses on economics and a right relationship with money and has been written by the Church of Scotland. 



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