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  Newsletter 03 August 2021  

Dear Friends,

Welcome to May’s MeetPrayLove newsletter.

I’m trying to help my teenage boys build a skate park in Dunkeld. This is not without its challenges! At the start of the project I didn’t even know the difference between a half pipe and a mini ramp – let alone knowing what a goofy-foot rider was. My knowledge has come on a little but I’m far from being an expert.

To be honest, I’m finding it pretty tough. The skate park may be something my boys and other kids in the community want but it’s not exactly my cup of tea. Maybe it’s because it’s not familiar territory that it is easy to find excuses to do other things... go to work, do the washing etc. However, one thing that keeps me going is the support of friends and their “so how’s the skate park coming on?” type questions. Without their encouragement and gentle nudging my attempts would be even less successful . And I know I am no exception – left to our own devices it is easy to become discouraged.

That’s why I am so committed to the integral link between ‘meet’ ‘pray’ and ‘love.’ We are more likely to be successful in our endeavours to change in the world if we share our thoughts and ideas with others and get their support. I doubt the skate park will get built during the time that my boys will remain interested in skateboards and BMX’s but the question as to whether I can maintain some momentum will be dependent to a great degree on whether others keep helping me to see this community initiative through to completion.

Join us at Solas

Joining MeetPrayLove is partly about discovering a wider movement. This ‘networking’ offers us the opportunity to share ideas. Physically meeting up can also be encouraging and many of us value larger gatherings – whether regular church services or events such as the SOLAS festival.

We have had very positive feedback from people who have attended the SOLAS festival, which this year takes place on 21st – 23rd June at the Bield at Blackruthven, Perth. Based on Christian values, SOLAS is a creative arts festival with a whole range of events and activities going on over the weekend. Take a look at their website for details of the programme.

The Methodist Church is a sponsor of the festival and we are looking for volunteers to help staff our venue. We expect people to help with a couple of sessions at our venue over the weekend in return for free entrance. Please let me know if you are interested.

Ahead of this, we have Christian Aid Week (11th – 17th May), an annual opportunity to raise the profile of Christian Aid in our local communities. This year Christian Aid is focusing on the impact of conflict and trying to give people ‘a future without fear’. They point out that, for a growing number of people across the world, the horror of war is part of daily life.

The good news is that individuals, communities and churches can make a real difference this Christian Aid Week. Last year, 20,000 churches across the country helped raise £12m for Christian Aid Week. I hope you will be able to support their endeavours in some way.

With all best wishes

Sally Robertson

MeetPrayLove Editor

MeetPrayLove is part of the Methodist Church and is open to all.


Request for help – thank you!

Thanks very much to our MeetPrayLove member who responded to the request for study materials to help us discuss Scotland’s independence referendum. He noted that, recently, Bishop Gregor of the Scottish Episcopal Church gave a Charge to the Synod on this very subject, and thinks this is “well worth looking at.”   See

Another suggestion is to keep an eye on the office of the Scottish Churches Parliamentary office website, which includes various papers on the referendum including recent guidance on how to run a local husting.

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