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  Newsletter 03 August 2021  

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Summer MeetPrayLove Newsletter

Twitter was back in the headlines recently for carrying extremely hurtful and hateful comments about the disabled daughter of the footballer, Gary Neville. My guess is that if those who tweeted in this way had had to go up to the child and her parents and shake their hands, they would have been more respectful with their comments. Through the year we have been reflecting on Nelson Mandela’s contribution to global society. In this last piece in the series we reflect on Mandela’s encouragement to “Look people in the eye and shake their hand” as way of making the world a better place. What a difference from the attitude of some of these so-called ‘Twitter trolls’.

“Nelson Mandela made such a common gesture something transcendent... a greeting that crossed all societal barriers, a symbol of reconciliation, even a declaration of victory”, Tom Cohen wrote in his piece ‘Nelson Mandela: man of many handshakes.’

Before meeting visiting dignitaries or political adversaries in five-star hotel conference rooms, Mandela made sure to approach the security guards, servers and other workers outside to shake their hand. Many of us will also remember with admiration the moment when Mandela offered his hand to F.W. de Klerk, South Africa’s last apartheid-era president, as an expression of unity, saying that despite their differences, he was willing to work with his adversary. De Klerk had little choice but to grasp it.

MeetPrayLove advocates that it is through meeting together and praying together that we gain encouragement to get out there and join in with world changing actions. If we start with ensuring that everyone we meet we shake by the hand, it seems far more likely we will be successful in this.

The new look website is now on-line. Please share this free resource with anyone interested in the idea of increasing social action through the simple act of meeting and praying together. Please also...

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Resource Suggestion: Seasons of My Soul has been published jointly by the Church of England and the Methodist Church. Through creative discussion material it offers those of us in the ‘second half of life’ a chance to explore and share with one another key aspects of our lives and experiences. It focuses on eight themes for discussion: identity, memories, transition times, wisdom, roles and relationships, forgiveness and reconciliation, death and dying, and the celebration of life. Each theme is a standalone session so you can choose whichever theme you like, mix and match the order, or follow them as they are presented.

The resource can be used flexibly in different group or ministry contexts: from home, house or fellowship groups to Lent and Advent courses or quiet days and retreats. There is plenty of material which can be used individually and for further reflection as well. You can view sample pages here or order online (priced £8.99 plus p&p).

Practical Idea: Create a ‘talking stick’, traditionally used in sharing circles. Whoever is holding the stick is allowed to express themselves while the others listen. Then the stick is put down again. Following a pause, someone else takes the stick and shares what they wish whilst others listen respectfully.

Coloured threads
Paints/felt pens
Feathers, shells, seed heads etc.
String, glue, twine

Choose a stick
Select materials you want to embellish it with
You may want to sand areas and decorate with symbols
Tie or glue things into place

Voila! You have your talking stick... find some people to share it with!

Charity of the Month:
Listen Well Scotland (LWS) is a charity with a vision of active listening as the basis of healthy personal and community relationships and a fundamental component of good compassionate healthcare. LWS believes that listening is a skill that can be learned and LWS' mission is to develop people who will encourage a culture of listening wherever people. Their desire is for individuals to feel at a deep personal level that their voice, their story, their concern is listened to. For more information see

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Sally Robertson
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