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  Newsletter 03 August 2021  

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Early Autumn MeetPrayLove Newsletter

I stopped to chat with a woman who was making prayer bunting in the Methodist tent at this year's Solas Festival. She was interweaving strips of fabric. I asked her what her bunting represented. She said that she works with people who live with dementia. She said the interweaving represented the interconnectedness of our lives and stories. It's great to think that right at this very minute her compassion and love is touching someone's life in a very meaningful way. (See our Charity of the Month below.)

Between the 25th and 27th September the interconnectedness of our lives will hold centre stage when the United Nations General Assembly votes in favour of 17 new 'Sustainable Development Goals'. These 17 goals give us a framework for what we need to do if we are to create a just, peaceful and loving world. The UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon, says that the agreement:

"encompasses a universal, and integrated agenda that heralds an historic turning point for our world. This is the people's agenda, a plan of action for ending poverty in all its dimensions, irreversibly, everywhere and leaving no one behind. It seeks to ensure peace and prosperity and forge partnerships, with people and planet at the core. The integrated, interlinked and indivisible 17 sustainable development goals are the people's goals and demonstrate the scale, universality and ambition of this new agenda."

This call comes as millions of people are on the move and it seems lots of people are being 'left behind' in all kinds of way. From Syria to Afghanistan, Bangladesh to Nigeria some people are packing up their bags and moving; others are being left behind literally. This call comes as the need for food banks in towns and villages across the UK continues to grow, and as we debate fracking vs. fossil fuels while demand for energy across the world continues to rise.

So it is tricky. However, one thing we can do is to get together, talk about our concerns and see if there is something we can do individually or collectively to create a better world. As Mother Theresa counselled: “Do small things with great love”. When I look at the 17 goals I see the work of the woman mentioned above in many of the goals – particularly in Goal 3: ‘Achieving wellbeing for everyone.’

MeetPrayLove, along with many thousands of organisations around the world, is getting behind these new 17 goals and encouraging everyone to get involved. So whether your concern or motivation is people, the environment, learning or healthcare… whether it is local, national or international… if you take a look at the new goals you will be able to see how you are helping to make the world a fairer and more just place. Or if one is feeling less optimistic – a world just slightly less unfair and slightly less unjust.

Resource Suggestion: bunting

Capture your commitment in prayer bunting.


For information about new Sustainable Development Goals, see:

Strips of fabric
Markers, ribbons, buttons, sequins, needles and thread
Long pieces of string and scissors


  1. Consider some small act of love which you might commit to – sending a clothing pack to a migrant in Calais, writing a letter of reconciliation, contributing to a food bank, making donations of toiletries to Woman’s Aid, joining in with Live Earth events.

  2. Using a small piece of fabric (approx 24cm x 35cm) decorate it as prayer flag to reflect the action you are committed to taking.

  3. Explain to other people why you have committed to doing this and ask them to pray for you to be successful.

  4. If you have undertaken the activity with others, join the flags together on a piece of long string. If you have done it alone, hang it somewhere where it will remind you of the action you have committed to take.

  5. Send us a photo of your bunting at and we can share your inspiration and commitment with others.

Charity of the Month: Dementia can happen to anyone and there's currently no cure. There are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK and the number is set to rise to 1 million by 2021. The Alzheimer's Society believes passionately that life doesn't end when dementia begins. They are there for anyone affected by dementia, and they do everything they can to keep people with dementia connected to their lives and the people who matter most. For more information see (Scotland) (England and Wales) (Ireland)

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