This year the Methodist Church is focusing on the theme of 'Space' at the Solas Festival (23-25 June, Perth).

solas17In our busy 24 /7 world how can we find time to see God in all spaces? How can we make home everywhere? Interested in thinking more about this theme? Download our free small groups guide: God In All Spaces – creating 'home' everywhere.

In our 'Space Tent' we will offer activities over the weekend to help us reflect on the theme. These include:

My Space Signs

Do you have a space that is all your own? Is there a way you can create one – maybe a corner of a room? Make a sign for your space, real or hoped for, to remind yourself it is somewhere special for you. Why not use mosaic tiles stuck into some air dried clay. Or you could write or paint onto one of our wooden door hangers.

Space Village

What is important to you about the space you live in? Use junk materials to create a collage of your favourite room or space. Home is not always 'perfect.' Maybe add a person or people? (You could use pipe cleaners for this.) What happens to your space then? Join your space onto the spaces others have created – to make a Space Village. Reflect on the importance of safe physical space and how so many of us do not have this all of the time. Can we help make safe or safer spaces for ourselves and others?

Creating Space Together

Communal tablecloth: We live in one society and we all offer a unique contribution. What can you add to our communal tablecloth that reflects how you are today? It needn't be positive – maybe this day isn't a good one for you. Use the potato prints of houses, keys and doors to add ideas about physical space. Then add things to make it a living space. Some words? Some embroidery or buttons? Or don't – just sit and relax.

Space to Listen

In our busy world it is hard to find space to listen. To listen to ourselves. To others. To God. Take advantage of our listening space to relax. Enjoy the space for reflection.

labyrinthClick on the picture to open the postcard - use your finger to make your way around the finger labyrinth on the postcard. Why not take the postcard home with you when you leave and put in your special space.
"Quiet please – people are listening".


Space to Share

Make something with time and love and give it away. Make a friendship bracelet and give it to someone you care about. Include two Kazuri Fair Trade beads which are handmade in Kenya by local women, making each one individually unique. Like you and the person you are gifting this to.

Space to Dream

dreamsWrite on a piece of paper a dream that you have. Turn the paper into a paper aeroplane and fly it outside. How far did it go? How can you make your dream fly? What's stopping you? Can you make your dream fly further? Mark where your plane came down with one of our dream flags.

Space to doodle

While away the time painting or drawing a picture. Be as creative as you like. Paint what you like. Let your thoughts wander wherever they want to go. Watch them. And look after them. Your thoughts are special.

Interested in finding out more? Download our free small groups guide: God In All Spaces – creating 'home' everywhere

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