CSC 4277What is it that makes MeetPrayLove a way of engaging with others and with our communities?

MeetPrayLove has grown out of the Methodist tradition of meeting in small groups. Historically, Methodists discovered that meeting in small groups helped people to become better followers of Jesus.

Today, Methodists still like to say that "intentional conversation together helps form 'whole life, lifelong and world transforming discipleship'."

MeetPrayLove encourages us to think about our small groups - whether they are formal Bible studies or informal meet-ups in a local coffee house - as springboards for making our world a better place. The kind of world that God imagined for us.

So the 'Love' part of MeetPrayLove is about getting active - helping our neighbour, supporting our communties, and being mindful of our world.

We hope that this website, and our Facebook page, will be means of supporting you to MeetPrayLove where you are and in the way that best suits you.

To find out more, listen to Bob Kelley reflect on the benefits of MeetPrayLove groups, or watch our video resource Jouerneying Together: the how and why of small groups.

John Wesley's way

John Wesley's way

John Wesley was an 18th century preacher and the founder of the Methodist movement. He was known for: preaching outside, riding huge distances on horseback, responding to social...

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MeetPrayLove inspired by John Wesley’s Methodist movement; funded by the Methodist Church.